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Engineering without gaps

Our Code of Conduct

I come here today to present to our esteemed clients the 12 principles that guide our conduct as a venture, and we would like all our employees, suppliers, customers and business partners to adopt, both in the relations Commercial and industrial as in your personal and professional life, now and always, if we all want to be professional and entrepreneurial with ethics and Moral reproach.
Engineering without gaps-a new way to see engineering

1st) put life always in first place

"Every moment of our day-to-day and every decision we make, that we value life in all its forms, in the short, medium and long term.

Be the lives of our family members, our friends, our co-workers, even those of absolutely strange people.

Be the life of the animals and the plants that surround us.

All life must be preserved, valued and protected, always being put in the first place. "


2 °) always be in "Our best me!"

"It is our responsibility to always act in harmony with our best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Your "best Me" always acts for the well-being of everyone.

May we admit our limitations! May we be more responsible to ourselves and others.

That we realize that our body is also a machine and for this machine to work well, it has to be 100% in conditions of acting.

That we love each other more and respect ourselves more, for only then will the others respect us. "

3) Always seek perfection in everything you do

"Our responsibility is to always seek the best, excellence, perfection in everything we do.

Each of us can (and must!) always try to overcome their own limitations and always try to do what it does a little better.

Let us remember: perfection does not exist! She is a "state" to be obtained, reached! "

4) Always act with focus in truth!

"Our responsibility is to always bring the truths where they are to be decided, assuring the best for life and the whole, avoiding delusions and distorted perceptions of reality.

The truth will always prevail! Therefore, we must be guardians of it, conducting our acts accordingly and with total focus in truth. "

5) to act with mastery and professionalism

"Do not waste energy on activities that can be developed by other people who report to us.

It is our responsibility to use our competences fully, all the time, and to report to our superiors when we meet jobs for which we do not feel prepared or empowered.

It is our unquestionable commitment to act with mastery and professionalism in the representation of our area, and who knows, in the future of all our endeavors, in the face of our coordination and in front of the company's high direction.

Let's be an example! "

6) Always be Pró-soluções

"That we canalizemos our energy to be constructive, premature, and preventive. Avoid wasting energy and talent in diagnostics after the fact.

Let's get out of the apparent causes. We always go to cause. Planning is not correction, it's anticipation.

Let's be pro-active. "

7) Understand the influence of the human in everything

We are all the time attentive to the influence of the human in all the dimensions of our life.

Let's try to understand more and better the human factor present, both in the process of generating gaps and in overcoming them.

Gaps are generated, for example, by disrespect to established values, by breaking ethical principles, negligence and arrogance.

Let us be responsible for our actions, whether they are right or wrong.

When we take our responsibilities we take the first step in the direction of an effectively better world.

Take responsibility for the whole

"It is our responsibility to be connected, involved, participants and assets with the whole organization (family, community, faculty, Society, Humanity).

"Engineering without gaps" will be direct communication, a lot of dialogue and integrated actions. The spirit is shared responsibility at its maximum level: 100% We and 100% all others.

There's no room for selfish attitudes here. It's the one for all and all for one! "

9) Seek perfect harmony in the world as a whole

"Eliminate conflicts and predatory competition that cause gaps through which good results are lost.

Let us always be very creative in the search for "win-win solutions" in our relationships in college and in all parties involved. "

10) Also act in the "empty spaces" of the Organization

"It is our responsibility to be prepared to identify" voids "between areas, processes, programs and actions and act upon them.

This requires excellence in the vision of the whole and in the initiatives. This requires attention and fellowship. You saw a problem, be part of the solution.

If it can't be a direct part, at least forward your view of the problem and the suggestions you can share to solve it.

This could represent a considerable amount of time in solving the problem. So you saw a problem? Be part of the solution! "

11) Always act with a focus on the common good

"We always act motivated by the greater purpose, which is the welfare of society, and never by fear or selfishness, that paralyzes us or leads us to distortions in our own way of being.

Self and isolation create gaps and prevent us from honoring life in ourselves and everything around us.

The common good is the good of all!

12th) be always aware in action

"Let's always be a living example of what is best in human beings.

Our awareness is our best guide in the decisive moments.

Do unto others what you would have them do to you. "

These 12 basic principles are based on the "No Gap Management" program adopted by Petrobras to guarantee the functioning of its integrated management system, based on the philosophy of shared responsibility (conversation, reflection, interaction and Participation), and it has also been adopted by all the service companies and suppliers contracted by Petrobras.

We adopt them as our "Charter of principles" so that we may be able to guide ourselves through best practices in the exercise of our functions as suppliers of solutions and products for the area of oil and gas and related industries.

We urge other employees, suppliers and business partners to adopt these principles as a way of working in unison with the objectives of improving our regional industrial park in Rio de Janeiro and the southeast region, extending Your results to the rest of the country, and wittle, we can fulfill the dream of globalization!

I would like to suggest to fellow engineers that they watch the video produced by Petrobras, in which they are presented in a better way these 12 principles of management without gaps:
We invite you all to this reflection!
Carpe Diem! I grant you!

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