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About Us

Safety Way Design & Consultancy operates in the Brazilian market with strategic planning tools, business intelligence, KPI’s analysis techniques and balanced scorecard and all the most modern in project management and information technology to help your customers leverage results in a solid, controlled and profitable way.

Through these resources, we employ the best in process management know-how, controlling the KPI’s of peer-to-peer customers with unmatched responsiveness and agility in the market, and it is even unnecessary for customers to interrupt activities To implement improvements.

As a result of the daring of skilled professionals with expertise in process and project management solutions, in the optimization and modeling of business processes, in business intelligence and Integrated Quality Management systems (QHSE), implementing Marketing activities, engineering projects, business design and services for various companies and industrial activities.

Over the years, this training was defined through the evolution of the values that built it, which shaped its posture, and differentiated it from others in its areas of activity.

The Company

Safety Way was founded in 2015 as a design, consulting, auditing, outsourcing and management training company, and through its mission and vision statement, defined its purpose and communicated succinctly its strategy, continually refined and determined by values that reflect the commitment to the quality, sustainability and success of our customers.

Thus, the main motivation of Safety Way is to advise our customers in achieving their values and objectives!

This is based on a simple concept:

We don’t waste time looking back; we move forward, breaking frontiers, overcoming limits and innovating, because we are creative… And creativity leads us through new ways, moving forward, by new directions, by new ideas, and going boldly to where we have never been before!


Contributing to the evolution of organizations, by planning, implementation, maintenance and improvement of management models, through tailor-made solutions, and performing improvements in customer outcomes, bringing benefits and social growth, Providing the sustainability of the environment. 


Realizing our vision means that:

Safety Way will be the leader in its market, and acknowledged for its full compliance with standards and the improvement of sustainable performance in its activities, creating and supporting the values of its customers.

Quality Policy

Safety Way will continually seek high customer satisfaction and improve business results, directing all efforts and resources to meet the requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Quality Management System by promoting The commitment, development and training of employees, encouraging creativity and initiative.

What We Do

We believe that the pursuit of high competitiveness and ease of access to information are the factors that most contribute to consumers being increasingly demanding. Companies that do not follow this market evolution and who do only the basics will be unequivocally behind. The price of your product is no longer the only differential. Current consumers want a level of quality and deliverables far beyond expectations.

Thinking about it, we become specialists in Quality Management and offer the most diverse services that have the ultimate goal, delivering the solutions that add maximum value to the customer’s final product for your business to become more efficient and competitive.


We offer diversified product design services, CAD design, brand design (logotype, social networks, etc.), photographic design, web design, website management, video production and editing, media channel management, general documentation production ( folder, brochures, business cards, banners, databooks, photobooks, manuals. etc.).

Consulting and Training

We offer the most diversified types of consulting services, always focused on continuous improvement of results. We seek to be the national business reference in management models based on ISO and OHSAS standards.

We serve all business segments with unique, tailor-made projects for each customer.

Our expertise goes from analysis and improvement of processes, to business management, through training and training of employees, process redesign, business reengineering, cost optimization, etc.


We offer independent audit services to verify the effectiveness and adherence of your management system, be it in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SGI, etc.


Our outsourcing is intended to offer outsourcing of quality management. The activities take place in a classroom and also online. With the competence of the Safety Way team, your operational team will produce even better results!